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Salve! I am Angela, a Latin tutor based in London. If you are interested in learning Latin, I will be happy to teach you 1-1 on Skype, no matter your level. My tutoring methodology incorporates personalizing lessons for each student.

Brief Introduction

Contents of this video apply to Latin tutoring

Why Angela

I am uniquely placed to teach Latin because of the following.

  1. Private tutoring experience for 7 years, teaching students of all ages.
  2. Proficient grasp of the English language, enables teaching foreigners.
  3. Two degrees in Classics from University of Salerno, with highest honors.

I deciphered a thousand year old text written in Latin and translated parts of it in Italian for my Master’s degree at the University of Salerno.

Preliminary study to the critical edition of the Martyrology of Notker Balbulus

In addition to Latin, I also teach Italian and Ancient Greek. Please contact me via Email or Instagram or Telegram so I may better understand your needs. I will be very happy to teach you Latin, which is the best gateway to understanding Western culture.

You can book your first Latin lesson below. Prior to booking, it will help if you Email or Instagram or Telegram me so we may agree on time slots. However, if you decide to book first, no problem, as I am always available to accommodate you on time slots that suit you best.

Topics Covered

My lessons cover grammar, syntax, analysis and comment of classical texts, history, culture, literature.


A brilliant way to dive into Classics is to learn Latin. I was quickly immersed into the breath and depth of knowledge that Angela possesses. Her knowledge of etymology was exceptional by the way, as a lot of the words in the English language have roots in Latin. Mind blowing number actually! I highly recommend booking the first lesson to get a primer!

William (United Kingdom)

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