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Ciao! I am Angela. Welcome to my booking page. If you have communicated with me already via Email or Instagram or Telegram, you may proceed to book your lesson securely using the buttons on the pricing section below. The payment methods supported are PayPal/Card.

NB: Prior to booking, it will help if you Email or Instagram or Telegram me so we may agree on time slots. However, if you decide to book first, no problem, as I am always available to accommodate you on time slots that suit you best.

Also, I shall be able to offer you discounted hourly rates when a package of hours is booked. For example, if you book a minimum of 5 hours, the hourly rate goes down to £20 per hour, as opposed to £25 per hour.


General pricing

  • Book — Italian (trial lesson) 30 mins @ £8
  • Book — Italian 1 hour @ £25
  • Book — Italian 1.5 hour @ £30
  • Book — Latin 1 hour @ £35
  • Book — Ancient Greek 1 hour @ £35

Bundle Pricing

You save 15 % on each lesson

  • Book — 5 hours of Italian lessons — £100
  • Book — 5 hours of Latin lessons — £150
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